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Fox Deportes (formerly Fox Sports en Español) is an American pay television network dedicated to broadcasting sports-related programming in Spanish, aimed at the Hispanic population in the United States. Launched in 1996, Fox Deportes, a division of Fox Sports, is the first and longest-running Spanish-language sports network in the country.

Fox Deportes app is useless, inaccurate and slow, according to Tumble Weed at

"Got this app thinking I would be able to see the games with Spanish audio commentary.I was wrong. This app is USELESS! Worst app I've ever used. It's super slow compared to Fox Sports & Fox Sports GO. You really can't do anything with this app. Plus it keeps giving me Eastern time game schedules, I'm in Central SMH?!"


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Production Assistant (Former Employee) says

"great place to start, but hard to advance. low pay for much work. people are friendly and helpful. but the pay is very low. not enough to survive in los angeles."

Marketing Intern says

"I worked at FOX Deportes for less than a year Cons: not much communication with interns."

Jessica says

"During the trial period every program I wanted to watch showed a future airing date (these were old movies or tv shows - not like they were new). Never got to watch anything. We have one of the top internet providers and services and have never had an issue with any other streaming service like Fubo. Fubo constantly buffers, again couldn't ever watch anything. I tried to cancel my subscription for two days prior to the end of the trial period and couldn't get it done on their app, kept giving error messages. Finally the day they bill my credit card $65 I can miraculously cancel my subscription. Fubo is a rip-off. Beware!"

Stanley Dean says

"Service and programming OK. When I tried to cancel had to cancel my credit card to get them to stop. No help from discover card. Got my reply from fubo and did that and did that. worked on this problem for three months. Talked to about twenty representatives they could do nothing"

Nicolas Ignoto says

"Very bad customer service. Fubo used to the best service to avoid cable companies. Now it is just one of them. They scam you with channels you don't want. Increase the price every 6 months. It used to be less than $30. Avoid this like the plague."

Haley Scharman Sorensen says

"I really liked Fubo until our bank account got hacked and we had to cancel the debit card that we were using to pay for Fubo, and we weren't able to update the payment info. After trying multiple credit cards, different names and different email addresses that weren't associated with the account that was hack/cancelled they didn't seem to care and said "sorry, but you can't ever have a Fubo account again" rather than trying to help us reactivate the account. Great job guys!! That's one way to get/keep customers!" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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